WP3: Gamification for the spread of knowledge on EU institutions


Enable young participants to deepen their knowledge of the EU institutions and policies and understand how EU Parliament works as well as to take active role in it via simulation game


Study session on the issues of the thematic commission

Local in-situ trainings with participants: The Parlamentarium simulation is composed of three sessions with the purpose to ensure full comprehension of the Parliamentarium game, understand how EU Parliament and other EU institutions works and prepare for the final online event. These trainings were up to 2-3h per session.


Firstly, the introduction of the Parliamentarium game timeline and workflow among consortium partners: The consortium partners were familiar with the Parliamentarium game timeline, workflow, outputs, and reporting. This ensured a common understanding and collaboration among the partners throughout the project. This was followed by a common agreement on the theme of the „climate change” as a core topic for discussions and for online EU Parliament simulation event.


Organization: COPE, Italy
Place: Catania, Italy
Date/s: 05/10/2023, 09:00–13:00 & 15:00–18:00
Total participants: 17 (11 Females & 6 Males)


ITALY – COPE hosted Parlamentarium training at the University of Catania and so participants were university students. The one-day training started with the presentation of the project, CERV programme, followed by EU Parliament and other EU institutions. COPE has also prepared ice-breaking sessions. Presentation of the Parlamentarium game was provided and students were divided into several groups. Afterwards they prepared and presented manifestos. Each group had to prepare a policy that was then presented to the audience. Finally, there was a session for debates, while students were really touching all aspects of the policies, such as corruption, environmental impact, interest of citizens, employability etc. And the third session was concluded with the voting for each of the presented policies. At the beginning COPE staff provided an anonymous before survey asking if they have ever used gamification approach (80% replied that never), the level of knowledge of EU Parliament, EP Groups, fake news, creation policies and their expectations of the training. After the training, an anonymous after survey was administered together with the EU Survey. More than 93% were satisfied with the training. After the training, a group of students came to COPE’s staff as they were really eager to have more information also about upcoming activities and events.


ROMANIA – Parlamentarium training was organized by ACTA at the „Emanuil Gojdu” National College in Oradea. This project activity included 3 workshops and was implemented by students. In the first two sessions, the participants were informed about the FACT project, CERV program, the EU Parliament and the EU institutions. The Parlamentarium game was presented and the students were divided into groups for which they developed a national strategy on the issues developed during the debates. The third Parlamentarium debate session within the project was organized and consisted of effective simulation, and a debate, in which the participants were involved in a role-playing game and presented their political manifestos.

Organization: ACTA, Romania
Place: Oradea, Romania
20/09/2023 9:00-12:00
28/09/2023 9:00-12:00
06/10/2023 9:00-12:00

Total participants: 63 (28 Females & 35 Males)


Read our participants memories form the events

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