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The partnership was formed to effectively respond to geographical needs (in the most vulnerable parts of Europe in relation to the project issue) while also taking into account the partners’ competencies to reach the target group.

Within the consortium, in fact, there are different organizations coming from Portugal, Finland, Poland and Hungary, countries in which the voting turnout is under the European average, and that, together with Italy, Lithuania, Greece and Spain are the countries in which the people are less confident in being able to identify fake news.


Co.P.E. Cooperazione Paesi Emergenti

Coordinator / Italy

The organization has almost 40 years’ experience in coordinating projects at national, European and international level, with donors as European Union, Italian agency for development cooperation (AICS), Global Fund, private donors (i.e. Italian episcopal conference, waldesian board). Thus, as coordinator of the project, it will lead first Kick-off meeting for pinpointing partners’ role, tasks and timing. It will also be responsible of reviewing of administrative and financial rules, encouraging all the activities implementation, checking the timetable, having the financial supervision and promoting monthly online meeting between the partners. Moreover, the organization has relevant specific experience in the field of young people’s involvement since, by its foundation, it promotes voluntary civil service at national and international level, having an essential role in non-formal training of volunteers and organization of raising awareness campaigns implemented;


Partner / Valencia, Spain

Jovesolides: it is a CSO with more than 20 years of experience in non-formal learning, e-inclusion, cooperation, social awareness and innovation. It has an entire office dedicated to young people leadership, especially of whom at risk of social exclusion (Espai la Coma), that it is improved through innovative learning pathways and the “School of Citizenship”. Moreover, the organization has coordinated the Erasmus+ project “Out of the Box” (2018-1-ES02-KA205-011307), that has developed the table game “Out of the Box” that will be exploited within the proposal during WP3. For this reason it will lead WP3 for implementing the most effective impact;

Opintotoiminnan Keskusliitto

Partner | Helsinki, Finland

The umbrella organization has 73 members CSOs and maintains a nationwide non-formal adult education centre “Opintokeskus Sivis” (Sivis Study Centre), whose mission is to support active citizenship and wellbeing through learning in a voluntary sector context. It provides training in the field of active citizenship and also provides educational support and guidance, study circle activities, projects, r&d activities, publications and arts events, and continuing professional education to third sector employees. The study center is monitored and mainly funded by the Finnish Ministry of Education. Having deep experience with the target group of beneficiaries (adults up to 55 years old) and great experience in training of young volunteers, it represents the best organization for bridging the gap and leading the WP2;

Fundacja Autokreacja

Partner | Warsaw, Poland

The Autokreacja Foundation aims at fostering the active participation in civil society through various initiatives in the field of social economy. We contribute to the civilizational, cultural and economic development of Poland. We want to put the spotlight on problems of diverse social groups that are often marginalized, that is why we focus on cooperation with persons from underprivileged regions, unemployed, elderly people, immigrants.


Partner | Greece

IASIS. This is a CSO whose mission is to assist young people and adults who are at risk of social exclusion. As its first mission is social inclusion, it implements the most innovative methodologies for reaching most excluded target groups, as recognized by the National Special Service / Sector for Health and Social Solidarity. Moreover, as an accredited VET center, it implements the latest non-formal learning tools for effective involvement of young people and adults, as recognized by the Ministry of Labour. For this reason, it will be in charge for leading WP4 and developing the training of trainers through non-formal learning tools;


Partner | Székesfehérvár, Hungary
as regional innovation agency, it has great experience in business development and monitoring, beyond leading and managing a great number of EU projects connected to the topic of this project. It has EFQM Committed to Excellence and European Cluster Excellence classification.


Partner | Kaunas, Lithuania

Organization aims at developing young adults and seniors in persona; and professional development which has greater impact on perception of civic life, EU values as well as other EU countries. Currently, organization is implementing Erasmus+ KA2 project Youth Against Fake Web, which educates people to recognize and be aware of fake news and disinformation spread in different environment and media. Nonetheless, organization’s members are experienced project coordinators who too part in various professional development activities on project topic and is part of their personal interest.


Partner | Lisboa, Portugal
It has a dedicated office on Education for Development and Global Citizenship, working with students, local authorities and citizens in increasing knowledge and raising interest and awarenness on diverse development and global citizenship issues, including EU citizenship. Thus it will strongly contribute to WP2, supporting the youth involvement.

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