Lie Detector

The Project FACT event brought together a diverse group of participants, including local youth, adults, community leaders, and representatives from various sectors, such as the Vice Mayor of Šiauliai, city council members, and journalists from local TV. The event aimed to address the issue of fake news and its impact on society.

The event commenced with an interactive discussion focusing on defining fake news, sharing personal experiences, analyzing public case studies, and exploring the potential negative impact and intentions behind spreading fake news. The initial shyness of the young participants was overcome through these discussions, which set the stage for a more engaging dialogue.

The subsequent discussions centered on debunking fake news, sharing practical actions to take when encountering it, and introducing useful tools for addressing the issue. Notably, participants expressed a strong eagerness to contribute their thoughts and suggestions for improvement, which included:
  • Advocating for more severe punishment for spreading and creating fake news;
  • Calling for clearer definitions and policies regarding fake news;
  • Suggesting the publication of openly fake news prosecution cases;
  • Proposing the incorporation of fake news debunking in formal education;
  • Recommending the creation and public availability of resources for debunking and raising awareness about fake news.

The event concluded with a wealth of valuable insights and recommendations for combatting the spread of fake news and promoting media literacy within the community. Project FACT event served as a catalyst for constructive dialogue and collaborative efforts to address the challenges posed by fake news, fostering a sense of empowerment and shared responsibility among participants.

Šiauliai TV channel announced meeting through evening news and published on Youtube channel with 8000+ subscribers.