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Our message

Main message of our campaign is to pay attention to the various news that appears on social media nowadays because some may not be true or can be misleading. One of the most dangerous fake news is the spread of videos created by the artificial intelligence. They are able to convey a false message without arousing any doubt. Therefore, the message we want to send is precisely that of being very careful when reading news or seeing videos online, making sure the authenticity of the sources so as not to fall into the trap and reduce the spread and circulation of hoaxes.

The campaign will be divided into several phases:

  1. The campaign opens in mid-December 2023 with a post published on the social pages of our NGO with the video that was already created by the AI accompanied by a short survey.
  2. Between the second half of December 2023 and the first half of January 2024 the video will be sponsored and various online feedback from the target group will be collected;
  3. About a month after the publication of the launch video, the third step of the campaign will follow which involves conducting interviews and surveys in person with a small percentage of the target group;
  4. Presumably around the first half of February a meeting will be held with experts in fake news on how AI is becoming increasingly popular within contemporary society and on ways to reduce this phenomenon;
  5. In the midterm of the campaign, mid-term evaluation will be done, to see how we reached KPIs and results of the campaign;
  6. The final phase of the campaign coincides with the publication of a summary post which contains a summary of the activities carried out, the feedback obtained, the sustainability of our campaign and the means to be provided to our target group to avoid coming across artificial hoaxes again.
  7. As the last step will be evaluation of the campaign and preparation of short report.

Our motto:
salvaguardia della verità nell’era digitale: non tutto quello che vedi è real

safeguarding the truth in the digital age: not all you see is real.

#fakenews #factcheckers #AI #saveguarding #savethetruth